Stone bright grinding paste

Stone bright grinding paste
Product Name:Stone bright grinding paste
Detailed parameters:

Matrix for polished tiles: with the action of thermal force of the crystallizing machine and the nanometer pad, Matrix can uniformly penetrate into the gaps of molecules and then solidify into a high-strength rigid transparent protective layer, just like form a crystal shield on the surface of polished tiles. It enjoys powerful properties against dust, acid / alkali, washing, scratch and stain, and excellent self-cleaning performance.

Clean the floor up and then dry it up naturally .Spray Matrix on the floor (5-10ml/m2  ).Then use nano-pad or horse-tail-hair mat, and begin buffing directly into the floor with a 175 RPM crystallizing machine. The cream should remain pasty throughout the buffing process.Buff until the haze is completely gone and a natural shine appears on the floor.

If swallowed, DO NOT induces vomiting. Call a physician immediately.
If inhalation is excessive, get person to fresh air. If unconscious, call a physician immediately.
If contacted with eyes or skin, rinse with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician if symptoms continue.
Simple to use.
Restores marble, terrazzo, and agglomerate surfaces in seconds.
Will not leave a residue.
Can be used by hand or machine.
For commercial and residential use.